About Me

About Me

Warren “Claimer” Prior

I was born in Cape Town on the 7th of December 1981. Since that wonderful day I’ve bounced between Durban and the Cape but currently reside in KwaZulu-Natal.

I live is a cozy house, complete with a fly tying man cave and fireplace, in a secure estate known as Plantations. This is located in Hillcrest on top of a very misty Fields Hill. I share this humble abode with my beautiful wife, Sharon, and our two daughters Emma and Katie.

My working hours are spent at on online gaming company called Derivco (based in Umhlanga) where I spend my days drinking coffee and managing several software development teams based in multiple countries. My past work experience includes developing online gaming content, house alarm systems and working on emissions control and ECUs in the vehicle industry.

Warren Prior With A Trout In Underberg

In my free time I love to fly fish, run, paddle, play squash, and do some photography and videography.

I’ve successfully completed the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, the Dusi Canoe Marathon, the Amashova and the Midmar Mile. I’ve also done a fair amount of trail running and mountain biking, but sadly don’t seem to have enough time to get onto the bike too often these days.

My true passion however lies in fly fishing. I sit on both the Underberg Himeville Trout Fish Club (UHTFC) and the Durban Fly Tyers (DFT) committees, and also founded Baha Fly Fishing with my mate Nick. Through this outlet I’ve written fishing articles for several publications and websites.

I also enjoy getting away as much as possible although this is a difficult task with only limited leave available to me. This means I tend to do smaller trips in and around KwaZulu-Natal which you can read up on the “Trips” section of this site.

My passion for photography fits in well with my lifestyle and I’ve been lucky enough to win a few photographic competitions. I’ve also had photos published in several magazines and have even sold the odd image.

Well, that’s me in a nut shell. Enjoy the site!

Keep the adventures coming…

Warren Prior Ice Climbing In Lesotho